When should I use NPS?

Net Promoter Score surveys are extremely versatile and can be deployed in a wide range of situations, ranging from quarterly surveys for to all customers to triggered surveys following a purchase. When investigating the best instances to deploy NPS, its often helpful to consider the two key categories of NPS surveys – Transactional NPS and Relationship NPS.

Transactional NPS surveys are focused on collecting customer feedback as related to a specific experience. As a result, these surveys are often dispatched following a key event, such as a recent purchase or sign-up.

Relationship NPS surveys are focused on better understanding your customer’s relationship with your brand and product overall, as opposed to one specific transaction. Relationship NPS surveys are often dispatched on standard intervals, such as once every quarter.

Since NPS can be leveraged in so many situations, a good question to consider is: “What type of feedback am I looking to get? Feedback specific to an experience, or a broader focus on the brand overall?” Your answer here will help identify whether Relationship, Transactional, or both forms of NPS are best for your team. From there, you’ll be able to quickly roll-out NPS at specific moments in the customer lifecycle.

Wondering where an NPS survey might factor into your current feedback toolkit? Consider these common uses:

  • Quarterly surveys for all active customers
  • Immediately after an onboarding experience
  • 30 days after sign-up, and then every 90 days after that point
  • Annual check-in with all active customers
  • Crawling survey of 1% of active customers per day

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