Why use Autopilot?

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Save time

No more constant manual uploading required. If you’re used to uploading on a regular basis, such as each week, Autopilot can help automate that process. Save time – upload once and let us take care of the rest.

Continuous feedback

Recurring surveys help track feedback over time, allowing your team to monitor any changes in score. Autopilot provides a constant pulse of evolving customer sentiment, keeping the team focused on feedback related to changes in your product and business.

Automated, optimized scheduling

Autopilot is a great solution for quickly scheduling out surveys over the span of several months in lieu of using the API – no technical knowledge required.

Ease of closing of the loop

By avoiding sending in one batch, your team can send to smaller segments over time. These smaller batch sends help facilitate a more manageable process for closing the loop and having in-depth conversations with customers.

Real-time granular insight

If a new feature is deployed in the middle of the month, you can get feedback in real time, as opposed to sending in one batch and potentially missing that immediate customer feedback.

Interested in sending with Autopilot? Great! In our next section, we’ll cover how to get started with Autopilot in just a few minutes.

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