Can I send reminders to people who don’t respond?

Yes. Our reminder feature will automatically resurvey, 7 days after the initial delivery, anyone who hasn't opened the original survey email. Reminders are a great way to reengage folks who may have simply overlooked the survey email. 

We focus specifically on people who haven't opened the original email, as opposed to all non-responders, in order to avoid over surveying recipients who have more explicitly opted out of responding (i.e. those who have opened, but not submitted a score/comment).

A few key features to note:

  • Impact on sending volume: Reminders do not count towards your plan's sending limit
  • Properties: Any properties included in the original survey request will be included in the reminder as well
  • Configuration: Reminders are set, by default, to go out 7 days after the survey request is delivered. If you need to adjust this cadence, let us know
  • Single reminder: We only send one reminder per survey request
  • Customization: Reminders will pull in any customization currently set in the UI at the time of their dispatch

You can enable reminders on the Platform page, under the gear icon for Email. Here's a quick link.

On your dashboard

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