Can I send reminders to people who don’t respond?

Yes. Our reminder feature will automatically resurvey, 7 days after the initial delivery, anyone who hasn't opened the original survey email. Reminders are a great way to reengage folks who may have simply overlooked the survey email. 

We focus specifically on people who haven't opened the original email, as opposed to all non-responders, in order to avoid over surveying recipients who have more explicitly opted out of responding (i.e. those who have opened, but not submitted a score/comment).

A few key features to note:

  • Impact on sending volume: Reminders do not count towards your plan's sending limit
  • Properties: Any properties included in the original survey request will be included in the reminder as well
  • Configuration: Reminders are set, by default, to go out 7 days after the survey request is delivered. If you need to adjust this cadence, let us know
  • Single reminder: We only send one reminder per survey request

You can enable reminders on the Platform page, under the gear icon for Email. Here's a  quick link.

On your dashboard

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