Admin Extras: Creating Starter Projects for Standard users

Creating starter or "shell" projects for your team members

How to set up Standard Users for success

Here's a simple step-by-step on how to create a starter project for a Standard User—super quick!


Choose Create a new project from your Admin account’s Projects Menu


Choose the desired survey type

🎶 While it’s easier to get the survey type right from the start, if you pick the wrong type, the project can be deleted and you can start over.


In the absence of a specific request, you can pick any distribution Platform for a starter project. Click “Set up” to make your choice

🎶 Our recommendation is the Email platform because it is the most popular and super easy to set up. Your Standard users can quickly add any platform they like later on, so it’s not really an issue


When the Customize appearance screen appears, enter a temporary name in the Brand/product name box. This will become the name of the project

🎶 Invent a code of sorts. A simple shorthand can help you keep track of which starter project goes to which Standard user, touchpoint, or team within your org, such as CSAT 1 (Created for Beta)


Click the "Next: Import people" button and enter an email address

🎶 If you have selected the Email platform, you’ll come to the Send a one-time email survey screen. If you do, enter the email address of your Standard user! Put your own address in too, and give it a test drive.


Click "Next: Review"


From the review screen, click "Send to 1 person now"

You’ll then be taken to the Dashboard

Great work! You’ve created your Starter project! Now it’s time to share it with your Standard user.


To get to the Users page so you can assign and invite a user to the project, either:

  • Click the big, blue Invite a coworker button (or)
  • Choose Users from your Account menu, as seen here and explained in step 10-14

Enter the Standard user's email address

Choose Standard user status, and click "Select projects"


Assign the newly-created starter project to its new owner by clicking the box adjacent to the project's temporary name. Do this with all starter projects they should have access to


Choose Send invite (or Save changes if you’re just editing their project access)

🎶 The starter project’s new designer will receive an invitation to join the project as explained above in the previous section, Accepting invitations


Standard users will have access to the Projects Gear in the Projects menu, which allows them to change the name of the project

🎶 If Beta changes the project name, the change will show up in your Admin Projects menu. (Very nifty.)

You did it! Now it’s time to pass the torch to your Standard user who will customize the survey and get it ready for distribution! Share Admin Extras: Finding and customizing start projects as a Standard user with them if they need a bit of assistance.

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