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Setting up the Freshdesk integration

Delighted’s Freshdesk integration will automatically trigger Templates surveys (ex. CSAT surveys) following events you define in Freshdesk—such as a ticket marked as closed or solved.

To set up Freshdesk:

Open the Admin section in Freshdesk.

Click on “Automations” under the section for Helpdesk Productivity.

Click on “New Rule.”

Name the rule “Delighted Survey Trigger.”

Create two conditions.

Note: These conditions can be customized as needed.

  • In Ticket, If Status, Is, Closed OR
  • In Ticket, If Status, Is, Resolved

Under “Perform these actions:”, select “Trigger Webhook.”

Configure the webhook with the following details.
  • Request type: POST
  • URL: Find the URL here
  • Enable Requires authentication
  • Encoding: JSON
  • Content: Simple

Click "Preview" and save.

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What is the URL I should provide for the webhook?

Note: This URL does include a 1 day delay. If you'd like that removed or adjusted, simply change the "&delay=VALUE" section of the URL string below to your preferred delay (in seconds).

Click on the button below to copy the URL string you'll need for your Freshdesk automation:

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Can I create a ticket in Freshdesk following a response received?

Yes. Contact the Customer Concierge team for full details (Note: This requires use of Zapier).

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Can I change what events trigger a Delighted survey?

Yes. In Step 5 mentioned above, you can set any conditions for your Freshdesk trigger. Once these conditions are met, we'll automatically trigger a Delighted survey.

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How can I change the survey type I'm using to either CSAT or CES?

Interested in using another survey type (ex. CSAT, CES, etc.) for your post-support surveys? Set up a new Template to get started! Learn more via our Templates Overview resource.

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