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Setting up the Freshdesk integration

Delighted’s Freshdesk integration can automatically trigger Delighted surveys (ex. CSAT, NPS, CES) via our Email Platform. Quickly use Freshdesk to define the events you want to trigger new email queries — such as tickets whose status changes to "Resolved" and/or "Closed."

Open the instructions for Freshdesk by clicking "Integrations" followed by the Freshdesk tile seen here.

All the instructions are available from this page.

Reviewing the instructions

Note: The instructions above are repeated in the explanation that follows. 

To set up Freshdesk:

Open the Admin section in Freshdesk

Click on “Automations” under the section for Helpdesk Productivity

Click on “New Rule”

Name the rule “Delighted Survey Trigger”

Create two conditions

Note: These conditions can be customized as needed.

  • In Ticket, If Status, Is, Closed OR
  • In Ticket, If Status, Is, Resolved

Under “Perform these actions:”, select “Trigger Webhook”

Configure the webhook with the following details
  • Request type: POST
  • URL: Find the URL here
  • Enable Requires authentication
  • Encoding: JSON
  • Content: Simple

Click "Preview" and save

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What is the URL I should provide for the webhook?

Note: This URL does include a 1 day delay. If you'd like that removed or adjusted, simply change the "&delay=VALUE" section of the URL string below to your preferred delay (in seconds).

Click on the button below to copy the URL string you'll need for your Freshdesk automation:

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Can I create a ticket in Freshdesk following a response received?

Yes. Contact the Customer Concierge team for full details (Note: This requires use of Zapier).

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Can I change what events trigger a Delighted survey?

Yes. In Step 5 mentioned above, you can set any conditions for your Freshdesk trigger. Once these conditions are met, we'll automatically trigger a Delighted survey.

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How can I change the survey type I'm using to either CSAT or CES?

Interested in using another survey type (ex. CSAT, CES, etc.) for your post-support surveys? Set up a new CX question type to get started! Learn more via our CX projects overview resource.

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