Where can I find my Delighted Kiosk code?

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If you're using the iOS app for Delighted's Kiosk surveys, you'll be prompted to enter in a code or scan a QR code. We request this code to make sure: 1) You're authorized to display the survey on site and 2) Verifying we're displaying the expected survey - since you can set-up multiple Kiosks for a single account.

In this section, we'll cover where to find your code and QR code for finalizing your Kiosk set-up.

Step 1: Visit the Kiosk page

Head to the Kiosk section of your dashboard:

Step 2: Select your Kiosk

You can set up multiple Kiosks in a single Project, so be sure to select the desired Kiosk to collect the appropriate code by clicking on the link for Settings:

Step 3: Locale the text code/QR code

Once in the selected location's Kiosk settings, both the Kiosk code and QR code will be visible. Here's an example of where you'll find the text-based code:

Step 4: Enter the code

When prompted on your iOS device, enter the text code or scan the QR code from the page referenced above and you'll be ready to start surveying with the Delighted Kiosk platform!

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