Can I link to a survey with a QR code?

Yes. With Delighted's Link Platform, you can generate a QR code which is connected to your survey. Whether embedded on a receipt, printed on a flyer, or distributed in countless other ways, with Delighted's QR codes, your customers now have a quick and easy way to provide feedback on the go!

QR codes ultimately offer an opportunity to break through the barrier of collecting feedback in physical form, providing a chance for customers to provide true point-in-time feedback beyond Email, Web, and SMS channels.

How does it work? As with standard QR codes, customers will simply scan the code with their smartphone. Once scanned, the phone will redirect to the default browser, which will then display the Delighted survey.


What image formats are available for downloading the QR code?

The QR code can be exported in PNG and SVG formats. See below for a quick example of where you can access those download links:

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Can I pass properties through the QR code?

Yes. Both standard properties and special properties can be added on the Link page, which will apply immediately to both the Link and QR code:

Similar to with the standard Link method, you can also append the URL string to override the properties set in the UI and pass through any properties/special properties you define. Learn more about this approach in our Link platform FAQ.

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Can I adjust the size of the QR code?

Yes. You can adjust the size of the QR code to your team's specifications with the following parameter:

  • delighted_qr_png_size: Number of pixels for the QR code image (always in square format)

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How can I set-up multiple QR codes for a single Project?

Please contact the Customer Concierge team for guidance on creating multiple QR codes housed under a single Delighted Project.

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