How do I get started using Delighted?

Delighted is optimized to help you gather feedback on an ongoing basis on the platform of your choice – EmailWeb, or SMS – with one of our integrations, Autopilot, or through our API. Many customers start with Email by manually sending a small test to experience the product with real feedback.

When starting with Email, you should compose your sample as a representation of the type of people you’d imagine gathering feedback from on an ongoing basis. If you are an ecommerce company you may want to send to every purchaser after their order is delivered. If you are a B2B company you may want to send to people 3 months after they converted to becoming a paying customer.

Many customers use Web to gather feedback from customers already on their site, either signed into their product experience, or visitors who may simply be browsing. You can choose if everyone, or only returning visitors are asked for feedback, and you control which pages you want feedback to be collected on.

Looking for more guidance on getting started?

Learn more about optimizing your send in our Getting the most out of Delighted guide.

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