Who are Smiley surveys for?

Smiley surveys are optimal for companies looking for a quick and intuitive survey method for gauging customer satisfaction. If traditional survey scales seem mundane and unnecessarily complex, Smiley surveys can offer a powerful alternative via an easy-to-understand visual scale.

The benefit of this straightforward approach to satisfaction surveys? Increased response rates! Companies struggling with low survey engagement often find Smiley surveys provide a much needed refresh to their customer feedback methods. With a simple scale that doesn't require reading scales and deciphering various instructions to understand, Smiley surveys often turn that previously faint drip of response volume into a full-blown stream - teeming with actionable customer insight.

Trying to ramp up your understanding of the customer experience in your retail locations? Need a quick pulse on satisfaction around a specific product feature? Looking for a solution that can help with training your customer support team? Smiley surveys are for you!

Whether you're a seasoned CX expert looking to layer a new visually-oriented scale into your survey stack, or a brand new company seeking a baseline on customer satisfaction, Smiley surveys provide a user-friendly, uncomplicated solution that provides clear actionable data directly to your team.

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