Do you have HTML templates I could use?

While we can generate HTML for you to embed the Delighted survey into your own email templates/platform, we highly recommend against that approach. Here are a few key benefits from leveraging Delighted for sending your surveys in lieu of custom HTML templates.

Much simpler

Self-sending involves fine-tuning dozens of details, such as correctly handling URL construction and parameter escaping. With our API, we'll manage the sending and take care of all of those details automatically.

Client compatibility

We rigorously test our email in over 150 email clients (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Desktop and Web). There are a large number of small details that we use to maximize performance (encoding schemes, whitespace, client specific headers etc.). With our API, in lieu of the template, you can be confident your surveys are being displayed exactly as expected.

Automatic improvements

We are regularly refining the template to improve client compatibility. Since HTML templates won't dynamically refresh based on those improvements, you'll miss out on those updates. Every update we apply is carefully tested.

As an example, we recently deployed a compatibility update for iOS Alto – a client that saw an increase in usage (as Verizon users were automatically migrated). Since we saw that client volume increasing, we pushed out an update to ensure maximum compatibility.

Track engagement

Delighted continuously monitors all survey engagement, including the amount of surveys sent, opened, commented, throttled, bounced, and much more. We also track the same engagement across all platforms, such as Web and SMS. 

Our tracking of survey engagement is highly reliable and helps ensure you can accomplish key initiatives such as: 1) Testing out subject lines to gauge impact on open rates, 2) Refining your sample to focus on more engaged customers, and 3) Self-identify any issues with sending, such as accidentally throttling due to resending to the sample folks too quickly.

Bot filtering

Our automated response filtering system analyzes each response in realtime and filters out the various automated responses produced by some email clients. This system has been trained on millions of responses.

We generate unique, cryptographically strong URLs for every email we send. this means we can differentiate repeated clicks (even across devices, and across large time windows). Self-sending will bypass that system entirely.


In addition to all of our emails being fully authenticated (using DKIM, SPF and DMARC), we also monitor sending and delivery for you in real time, to optimize response rates.


With Delighted, we have a range of methods you can use for sending, including:

Using one of the above surveying methods will help ensure you can maximize the benefits involved with letting Delighted manage the sending, and ultimately ensure the best respondent experience when receiving the survey.

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