Reviewing all your Trends

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Once you’ve created a Trend (or two), you can now use the Trends page to sift through all the Trends you and your team have created.

Filtering Trends

There are a few ways to filter through Trends via this page:

  • Created by you: This filter will show all the Trends you’ve personally created in Delighted
  • Created by others: This filter will show all the Trends other Delighted users have created

Sorting Trends

There is also a drop-down menu with a few options for sorting the Trends displayed on the page:

The options for filtering include:

  • Most responses: Sort Trends by the volume of responses, from highest to lowest
  • Highest score: Sort Trends by the overall score metric, from highest to lowest
  • Recently created: Sort Trends by the date they were created, from newest to oldest

You can also create a Trend on this page by clicking “Create a new Trend” and typing in a keyword:

Whenever possible, we recommend creating Trends from the main dashboard, as you can also layer in properties during that initial set-up process.

With a list of Trends ready to go, it’s time to put them to use! In our next section, we’ll dig into how to set-up powerful workflows with Trends and Alerts – providing your team with a close pulse on the feedback most important to them.

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