How is CSAT calculated?

CSAT is calculated with the following equation:

(Total Number of Satisfied Responses / Total Number of Responses) x 100 = Your CSAT Score

Lets break that down piece by piece:

  • Total number of satisfied responses: Any response where the score was a 4 or a 5
  • Total number of responses: Your overall number of responses
  • x 100”: We multiply the result from the division equation to get a whole number

As an example, lets imagine we received the following responses:

  • 5 score: 42 responses
  • 4 score: 32 responses
  • 3 score: 10 responses
  • 2 score: 9 responses
  • 1 score: 14 responses

The above gives us a total of 74 satisfied responses and 107 overall responses. Plugging that into the equation:

(74 / 107) x 100 = 69.16

Note, CSAT always rounds to a whole number. As a result, our CSAT for the above batch of responses would 69.

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