New user guide overview

Just received an invite from your company to join Delighted? Awesome! We’re excited to have you on board.

As a quick introduction, Delighted is a customer feedback platform - providing a range of ways for you and the team to gather, view, and act on feedback from your customers.   

With Delighted, you can get an instant pulse on customer sentiment. Built-in features provide a number of unique ways to engage that feedback. With Properties, you can dig into responses from particular customer segments. Using our graph function or time-range filter, you can quickly see how feedback is trending over time.

The above features are just a few powerful ways you can easily leverage Delighted to collect and act on customer feedback. This quick start guide will help you learn the basics of Delighted so you can get going right away.

We’ll cover:

  • The survey and the NPS methodology
  • Understanding the score
  • Major features of your Delighted dashboard
  • Segmenting feedback
  • Additional guides and resources
  • Your customer concierge

Lets get started!

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