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Getting started with Autopilot is just as easy as sending a one-time survey. Here are four quick steps to start sending with Autopilot:

Accessing the Autopilot page

Autopilot can be found by clicking “Survey people” at the top of your dashboard, selecting either Email or SMS, and then clicking on the tab for “Autopilot”. Here are a few quick links to the Autopilot pages for Email or SMS.

How often should Autopilot send a survey to each person?

Once on the Autopilot page, you can select an option for how frequently Autopilot should send a survey to each person. Most companies start with a quarterly cadence (3 months), as this frequency offers a constant pulse of feedback throughout a customer’s lifecycle. Additionally, surveying every 3 months ensures you’re able to more readily surface any detractors before they churn.

Loading a batch of people into Autopilot

Upload a CSV/Excel file that includes the people you’d like to add to Autopilot. At minimum, we require each person’s email address or phone number. We also suggest including their name, as well as any other metadata that would be helpful for segmenting down the road.

To learn more about passing customer details to Delighted, check out our guide for segmenting feedback with properties.

Once you’ve imported a list of people, you’ll have a chance to review a snapshot of your upload. Take a moment to confirm that all the properties and values look correct. Once confirmed, click the button to add those people to Autopilot.

You’ve officially set up Autopilot for your account! Now that Autopilot is up and running, let’s take a moment to review how you can adjust your Autopilot settings, as well as add, remove, and update people in Autopilot.

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