Digging into the feedback

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Once you’re receiving a steady flow of feedback along with a bunch of attached properties, you’ll likely begin to notice patterns in the feedback. Some of these patterns may already be on your radar, while others may be things you’re hearing for the first time. You may want to keep an eye on these patterns and monitor them on an ongoing basis. Trends allow you to do just that.

Creating trends

A trend can be created from any search and/or combination of property filters from the dashboard. For example, our fictitious clothing company, Hem & Stitch, might create a trend that shows them everyone who mentions “Support”:

When you use trends, not only will you be able to zero in on feedback surrounding an area of interest, but you’ll also have a clear view as to how this is affecting your survey metrics (ex. NPS) and ultimately your organization.

Gathering context

Sometimes a customer will leave a vague comment or no comment at all. A great way to provide more color to a score is to look for any tell-tale interactions with the customer, prior to them responding to a Delighted survey.

For example, an ecommerce company may notice that a customer who gave them a 4 was also recently trying to process a return for an order, or had a lengthy exchange with a customer support representative. Digging into those interactions may provide the context needed to address the customer’s dissatisfaction. Using Delighted alongside your existing business tools can yield valuable insights.

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