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Introducing SMS customization

Premium feature

The SMS platform is a premium feature that is in the process of being deprecated. If you do not have access to SMS surveys and are interested in this distribution method, please reach out to

Since SMS surveys are delivered in plain text, there are no visual customization options. However, aligning the survey text with your brand voice increases authenticity and readability, which can improve response rates.

To review the SMS customization, head to Survey people, click the gear icon next to the SMS platform, and choose "Review appearance."

Due to regulatory restrictions, you must use the default survey question with the SMS platform. You will not be able to customize the text of the survey question beyond updating your brand/product name.

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Basic customization

Brand/product name

Your brand/product name will be inserted into your question automatically. For example, NPS surveys will default to, "How likely are you to recommend [Brand/product name] to a friend?"

Interested in dynamically updating the brand/product name for each survey that is sent? Check out our article on Special Properties to learn how!

Send a test SMS

Send a test SMS message to yourself or to a teammate. These texts will mimic the entire survey experience, but responses will not be recorded on the Dashboard.

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Advanced customization

Survey language

Delighted CX supports translation to over three dozen languages. This translation will represent the default language of your survey, but you can always translate the survey dynamically using our Locale special property. Interested in learning more? Check out this article on translating your surveys!

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Comment prompt

The Comment prompt reads, "Tell us a bit more about why you chose [score]", with the score that the respondent left (like 10, 5, or "thumbs up") being substituted in. Respondents can then answer with open text to this question to give more context to their response.

Skip comment prompt

Not interested in collecting open-ended feedback? You can toggle this option for skipping the comment prompt.

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