Why am I getting an error saying it can’t find any phone numbers to import?

If you are uploading a CSV or an Excel file, be sure to use the “Phone Number” label on the column that contains the phone numbers we should send surveys to. We use this label to ensure we don’t accidentally send to another column in your file that may also contain phone numbers. 

For example, you may have both a work phone number and a personal phone number for the same person in two separate columns. If you wanted to have the surveys sent to the personal phone number you would give that column the “Phone Number” label.

Also, you may need to adjust the format of the phone numbers in your file. We use the industry standard E.164 format. So you may need to add the plus sign and country code as well as remove spaces. Here is an example of a well formatted number: +15552071712.

On your dashboard

If you’re seeing:

Make sure your Phone Number field is formatted similar to:

Phone Number
+15552071712 Sean
+15552071712 Jake
+15552071712 Jessica

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