What is the Pivot Table?

Delighted's Pivot Table allows you to summarize large sets of customer data that you're passing along with each survey request. Simply select a property, set a time frame, and instantly read the results for all the values under that given property. But that's just the start. With Delighted's Pivot Table, you can also pull rapid data sets related to your Trends, Tags, and score groups. 

Customer comments get attention too! The Pivot Table includes an option to list keywords by frequency, both overall and for any property combination you configure, offering sharp insight into those often tough-to-interpret volumes of open-ended feedback.

Premium Reports

The Delighted Pivot Table is a premium report option. As a result, this report is limited to specific plan levels. For more information, see our pricing page

Time and Trend filters

Select a time frame (ex. all-time, last year, last week, custom range, etc.) and a score group or Trend (this is optional) to start filtering your feedback.

The Pivot Table

This is the actual table we'll render based on the configurations you set. In the table, we'll list:

  • Responses (count)
  • Comments (count & percentage)
  • Metric (ex. NPS, CSAT, etc.)
  • Score Groups (counts & percentages)

The Pivot Table Filter

On the left-hand side of the Pivot Table, you can select one of the options below - automatically populating the table with all associated values, and calculations, under that respective category. Here's a brief recap of the different options available under that drop-down menu:

  • Groups: Results per score type
  • Keywords: We'll sort keywords by frequency (Note: Currently limited to English) and then show the results per keyword
  • Tags: Results for each Tag you've created and applied to a response (see your list of Tags here)
  • Trends: Results for every Trend created (see your list of Trends here)
  • Properties: See your metrics broken down for any property, across all values


A filtering option so powerful - worth having a dedicated section in this FAQ! Keywords will run analysis on your open-ended feedback, calculating keyword frequency, and the metrics associated with responses that include those keywords. For example, looking at the screenshot above, we can see, at-a-glance, that customers mention "store" in a fairly positive light (61), but any mention of "jeans" is accompanied with raving reviews - with an NPS of 84!

Delighted's Pivot Table also enables even more powerful insights, by offering quick search capabilities to identify a keyword of interest (ex. a keyword with an exceptionally underperforming metric) with an option to hop into the dashboard to reveal the full comments:

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