Can I generate a link for the survey?

Yes. Using Delighted's Link platform, you can include a link to your survey in existing emails, chat messages, or use the link to create your own templates from scratch. With the Link platform, we give you the raw material for the surveys, allowing for the opportunity to branch out your feedback program into previously unexplored channels.

In this section, we'll cover what Delighted Link platform look like, how to pass key customer information, best practices for testing, and more.

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What does Delighted's Link platform look like?

Delighted's Link are short, generated directly from your dashboard:

Here's an example of the link in plain text:

Each link will include the core Delighted web address ( and the unique identifier for your link (ex. HpQB88SM from the above example). You can embed the link wherever you'd like (ex. hyperlinking text, linking specific buttons in an email, etc.), or simply post the full URL. 

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How can I generate a link?

From your main dashboard, navigate to your account's platform page by clicking on "Survey People". Clicking on "Set up" under "Link" will take you to the configuration page for our Link platform:

After configuring the survey, we'll immediately generate your account's link:

Use the icon to the right of the URL string to instantly copy: 

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How can I get a link for each score as opposed to linking to the rating page?

In some cases, you might want to more closely mirror the standard Delighted email experience – which involves capturing the score immediately (ex. in-email) and then redirecting to the comment page.

On your Link page, click on the link for "Get individual links for each score" on the lower right-hand side of the page:

Use the icon to the right of the URL string to instantly copy: 

Want to append scores to the Link on your own? Simply append your Link with ?score=. For example, if creating the scores for an NPS survey, your URLs would look similar to:

Note: Each survey type has different score ranges. Customer Effort Score (CSAT), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and 5-star stars are all in the range of 1-5. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is in the range of 0-10. If you pass a value outside of a survey type's range, we will present the end-user with an error.

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How do I pass customer details with a Link (Dashboard Option)?

The easiest way to pass properties with a Link would be to bake them into the URL string. If the properties would be the same for everyone completing the survey, such as if only including links for a specific location or product, you can easily set those properties right in the dashboard.

On your Link page, click on the link for "Add a property". Type in the "Property Name" (i.e. the overarching category, such as Product) and the "Property Value" (i.e. the individual values you'll be using to filter feedback):

Once you're all set, click "Save changes" and we'll lock in those properties!

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How do I pass customer details with a Link (Appending Option)?
If you're considering dynamically updating properties in the Link (ex. using merge tags and variables supported by the platform where you're embedding the Link), there are two key elements to keep in mind when passing that customer data:
  • Proper encoding of the URL string
  • Correct structure for the name, email, and property parameters

Proper encoding of the URL string

In order to pass customer information with a Link, you'll need to append the URL string with any required customer details. Here are some important encoding tips to keep in mind:

  • The first parameter should start with `?`, while all subsequent parameters should start with `&`. For example:
  • All special characters should be encoded (ex. %40 is how to encode the @ symbol). You might consider using a URL encoder/decoder to help easily grab the correct encoding

Correct structure for the name, email, and property parameters

  • Name: "name=sean"
  • Email: "" (%40 is how to encode the @ symbol).
  • Properties: "propertyname=value" (ex. "Purchase Location" set to "Retail": "purchase_location=retail")


With all the above in mind, here is an example with the name set to Sean, email set to, and "purchase_location" set to "retail":

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What is the best way to test a Link?
When testing the URLs, be sure to test in a fresh private browser/incognito browser each time you test. Once a response is submitted, close the current browser window and open a fresh private/incognito window to re-test. This will help avoid any cookie-based issues and overwriting of the prior response.

Also, be sure to only use the URLs we generate and not the URL from the browser after the link is clicked. If you use the URL copied from your Comment Page, for example, that will cause all responses to overwrite one another.

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My responses keep overwriting themselves, what's going on?

If you're seeing a single response that is being continually overwritten, there's a good chance that one of two things is occurring:

  1. The link being used is for the Comment Page as opposed to the original link that Delighted generated
  2. There's a cookie-related issue, with multiple people responding from the same device

Beyond the common situations above, there can also be a few other instances where overwriting occurs. Send our Customer Concierge team an email and we'll take a look!

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