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Passing the Delighted Email Subject special property will update the subject line field of Delighted’s Email-based surveys. Note, this special property is not applicable to either Web or SMS platforms.

What it looks like as a property


Column header titled Delighted Email Subject




N/A (Web surveys do not include a subject line)


N/A (Link surveys do not include a subject line)

What survey area the property updates

Delighted Email Subject will update the subject line of any Email-based survey:

Important note:

  • The subject line has a 150 character limit

Example use case #1

Personalization with customer details

Placing a customer’s name in the subject line is a guaranteed attention grabber. By personalizing the email with more customer-specific details, the request for feedback will appear a bit more genuine and individualized. The net result is often higher open rates, which can translate into stronger response rates.

Here’s an example of how to use Delighted Email Subject to personalize the subject line with a customer’s name:


properties[delighted_email_subject]=Hi Jake, quick question about your order


properties[delighted_email_subject]=Hi Sara, quick question about your order

Example use case #2

A/B testing

Trying to see what email subjects resonate strongly with your customers? Alternating between two, or more, subject lines can help you discover which customizations are resulting in the most customer engagement (ex. open rates and response rates).

Consider dividing up your CSV/Excel import with a 50/50 split in the Delighted Email Subject column. Provide half the customers with one subject line, and half the customers with a separate subject line. As responses start flowing into the dashboard, you’ll be able to segment feedback based on the email subject used, highlighting any differences in response counts, quality of feedback, NPS, and more.

If you need any more granular metrics around each subject line you’re testing (ex. response rate per subject line), let us know and we can send those details your way!

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