SMS platform guide overview

Delighted’s SMS platform allows you easily connect with customers in a simple, yet highly visible, text message format. No app to download or email program to open. Customers will receive an SMS, text a response, and their feedback is instantly captured.

With Delighted SMS, the experience will be almost identical to our Email platform. Manually sending? Simply upload a file with a list of numbers to contact, give that a quick review, and send out those surveys. Triggering via API? Select the SMS channel in your API call, include a phone number, and send that survey request our way.

Whether sending a quick SMS survey after a transaction, or on a recurring quarterly basis, Delighted SMS offers a seamless way to reach customers on their mobile devices – resulting in a fast and easy method to collect customer feedback.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • How Delighted’s SMS platform works
  • Why use SMS surveys?
  • How to customize and test your SMS surveys
  • Sending your first SMS survey
  • FAQs

Let’s get started!

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