What are Tags and how can I add them?

Tags offer a quick and easy way to categorize and filter your feedback. As opposed to properties, which are added to survey files/requests prior to being dispatched, tags are added after responses have been received.

Tags can be used to label similar types of comments (ex. folks mentioning customer support), surface known qualities about a customer (ex. prior service issues), and other key details you'd like to use to segment customer feedback.

To add a tag, click on the area just below any response – where the field says “Add a tag”. Once a tag has been added, click Enter/Return, or hit Tab to save and move to the next response. See below for screenshots of the process of adding tags, both from the dashboard as well as the permalink page.

Interested in bringing more structure to your tagging?

Try adding a main topic and subtopic for your tags. Similar to “Customer Support” (main topic) and “CS: Slow response time” (subtopic). These can be considered as "subtags".

By adding a main topic and subtopic, you can filter for overarching themes in feedback, such as “Customer Support”, and then drill down into more specifics (ex. identifying which “Customer Support” subtopics came up the most often within a given time frame). Check out an example.

On your dashboard

Tagging on the dashboard

Tagging on the permalink page

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