Understanding APIs

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Introduction to APIs

The term API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs are how computer systems can communicate with each other.

APIs are utilized by programmers to setup these connections between various computer systems. Most businesses are utilizing many APIs already in their IT and software infrastructure.

For instance, your own CRM or eCommerce system can use our API to communicate with Delighted to either send us information or pull information from your account. API’s make it possible to automate many tasks that you might perform manually and have the computers and software take care of those actions for you 24/7/365.

Understanding Delighted’s API

With Delighted’s API, you can both push (via POST requests) and pull (via GET requests) information from your account. Interested in what types of information and actions are available via API? Here’s a sample:

  • Trigger survey sending
  • List all responses
  • Get survey metrics
  • Get email metrics (ex. response rate, bounce rate, etc.)
  • Unsubscribe people
  • Add survey responses

With an hour or so of your engineering team’s time, you can seamlessly integrate your platform of choice with Delighted’s API. This will allow both Delighted and your platform to seamlessly, and automatically, share information and trigger specific actions.

If you’re wondering why you’d want to integrate with our API, or need a bit of additional support in selling the idea to your team, our next section will cover some of the key advantages for transitioning to Delighted’s API.

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