Transitioning to API guide overview

Delighted’s API makes it very simple to automate your sending process. By triggering sending via our API, you can ensure you’re receiving constant feedback, while also reaching out to customers at the best possible time for them.

Best of all – no more need for manual uploads. Sending via our API is the easiest way to run a long-term, automated feedback program.

While setting up the API requires a bit of engineering work, it’s often a very quick set-up process, and we offer robust documentation for helping you and the team get started.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Understanding APIs
  • Why to switch from manual sending
  • Determining how you’ll use the API
  • Resources you’ll need
  • Triggering surveys via API
  • Pulling out information via API
  • Frequently asked questions

Lets get you started with the Delighted API!

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