Setting up properties in Delighted

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Now that you’ve identified the properties you’d like to include, we’ll now cover how you can get those quickly set up. Below, we’ll address the three primary methods of adding properties: CSV / Excel file, API, and Web.

Setting up properties in a CSV or Excel file

For CSV or Excel files, whether sending to email addresses or phone numbers, column headers (i.e. first row within the file) should contain the property names you’re seeking to include. In each row under your column headers, be sure to include the various values you’ll use to segment customers. Each column after the email column will be considered its own property.

Name Email Collection Purchase Experience
Ellie Newman Women’s Website
Richard Nguyen Men’s Retail Store
George Vargas Men’s Mobile App
Setting up properties with the API

You can also add properties using the properties parameter via our API. For full details on setting up properties with the API, please see our API docs. Below is an example using Curl:

curl \
  -d ''
  -d 'properties[collection]=Mens'
  -d 'properties[purchase_experience]=Website'
Setting up properties with Web

Properties can be easily passed via our Web platform, allowing you to segment feedback from those surveyed directly on your site. Full details on passing properties via JavaScript can be found in our web docs. Below is an example:

   email: "",
   name: "Bailey Dixon",
   properties: {
      orderId: "123ABC",
      shippingMethod: "Ground"

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