Selecting properties that are meaningful to your business

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Identifying the best properties to include when surveying a person with Delighted can ensure that you have enough data points to effectively filter through feedback.

In this section, we’ll cover:

  1. Selecting which properties to include
  2. Amount of properties to include
Selecting which properties to include

Properties can be used in a number of creative ways to help add color to your feedback. They allow you to slice and dice your feedback in interesting ways and reveal insights that may not be obvious at first glance. Here are a few property ideas you might want to consider:

  1. Basic customer details

    You’ll want to make sure you cover the most critical customer information first. Full names, length of time as a customer, products purchased, customer identifiers in your system, and other basic details can help quickly bucket your feedback according to the key elements of your business.

  2. Geography and language

    Location is an important factor to consider for surveys. Collecting geography and language information can help ensure you’re able to take advantage of our special property for sending in multiple languages (more on this later). These properties can also help offer insight into how your products are received in different locations.

  3. Demographic information

    Age, education, income, and other demographic factors might be an important consideration for your business. If you have this information available, its always helpful to pass along - particularly for marketing research.

  4. Product lines

    Including properties for your product lines helps you determine which products are being received well and which products are in need of improvement.

  5. New vs. existing customers

    Separating feedback from new and existing customers will help you understand how experiences differ for people at various milestones in their customer life cycle.

  6. Customer type

    This property can be helpful for breaking down different types of customers who are using your product/service (ex. buyers, sellers, consultants, etc.).

  7. Location

    Passing location information can be useful if you have multiple stores, territories, or sales regions. You can isolate each region or see aggregate feedback across all of them.

  8. New products and services

    Including a unique property for newly launched products and services lets you ensure that these new additions are reaching the same standard as your existing products. If they aren’t, you’ll be able to isolate feedback immediately and pinpoint where they are missing the mark, before they do any damage to your brand.

Amount of properties to include

Delighted allows you to pass as many properties as you would like. We suggest sending as many properties as possible for each person you survey with Delighted. This keeps the door open for future analytical opportunities that you may not realize you need right now.

You can easily add and remove property filters from your dashboard. This keeps your dashboard tidy regardless of how many properties you add. Filters can always be added back later if removed, so feel free to adjust as needed as you start segmenting those responses.

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