Segmenting customers and adding additional information

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Regardless of the approach you choose for surveying, it’s likely you’ll have important information about the customer or transaction that would be helpful in providing context for their feedback. You may want to know how new customers feel in comparison to returning customers. Or you may want to compare feedback from customers of different product lines.

Closing the loop

You can also send along very specific information about the customer such as a UserID. You’ll then have a unique identifer that you can use to tie that customer back to your other internal systems.

What are properties?

The above segmentations are easily achieved using what we call Properties. Properties allow you to instantly segment feedback into categories that are meaningful to your business:

For example, our fictitious clothing company Hem & Stitch might add a property for the Collection a customer purchased and a property for where they placed that purchase (Website, Retail Store, etc.) Then, in their Delighted dashboard, they could filter to see their score and feedback for customers who purchased from the Men’s Collection from a Retail Store – without any technical knowledge or complex database queries:

You can add properties very easily – whether via Email, Web, or SMS. When you survey people, you’ll send along the properties you want, and we’ll take care of the rest. There are no restrictions on the type or quantity of properties you can send. It’s totally up to you.

Preparing for the future

The majority of our customers opt to send as many properties as possible, even if they do not plan to filter on them initially. This approach keeps the door open to retroactive filtering you may want to perform in the future on all feedback you’ve collected to date.

Check out our properties guide for a more in-depth look at segmenting your feedback.

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