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Squarespace integration overview

Delighted’s Squarespace integration will automatically send surveys to customers after their order is marked as fulfilled in Squarespace, either:

  • Immediately
  • After a set delay to account for delivery time
Trigger and optional backfill You can also send a one-time backfill survey to customers who recently placed an order. This is an option that will be available near the completion of the setup process.

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Setting up the Squarespace integration

There are two ways to set up the Squarespace integration:

A. Setting up the integration from within Delighted

Select the "Integrations" tab → and choose “Squarespace”
Click “Connect to Squarespace”
You’ll be redirected to Squarespace. If prompted, enter your login credentials
Authorize Delighted access by clicking “Allow”
You’ll be directed back to Delighted
Set your survey delay
Optional: Check the box to perform a one-time backfill
Click “Save & turn on”

B. Setting up the integration from within Squarespace

If you're signing in from Squarespace directly, simply follow the on-screen instructions for integrating with Delighted. You'll be taken through a dedicated onboarding flow in Delighted where you can enter your email, customize your survey, and set up your account.

Only proceed with this route if you don't already have a Delighted account. If you do have an existing Delighted account, exit this flow, log into Delighted, and start the process via the Squarespace integration page.

Setting up Delighted projects

Learn how to set up Delighted projects by reviewing the Creating, Modifying & Deleting Projects page in this Help Center.

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What properties are captured from the Squarespace order?

We pull in the following property data associated with each Squarespace order:

  • Squarespace Billing City
  • Squarespace Billing Country
  • Squarespace Billing State
  • Squarespace Order Created At
  • Squarespace Order Id
  • Squarespace Order Item Quantity
  • Squarespace Order Number
  • Squarespace Order Total
  • Squarespace Order Total Amount
  • Squarespace Order Total Currency
  • Squarespace Shipping City
  • Squarespace Shipping Company
  • Squarespace Shipping Country
  • Squarespace Shipping Method
  • Squarespace Shipping State
  • Squarespace Shipping Total
  • Squarespace Shipping Total Amount
  • Squarespace Shipping Total Currency

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Can I pull in additional information from Squarespace?


If you have Additional Fields set up in a custom checkout form, every field that is filled out will be passed as a property. If there is no answer given for a particular Additional Field, the property will not be included in the response.

For example, if you have a custom form that asks, "How did you hear about us?," that response will appear in Delighted under the property "Squarespace Additional Fields How Did You Hear About Us."

You can read more about creating a custom checkout form on the Squarespace support center.

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Can I create a custom delay?


Just send us a note with the delay you’d prefer and we can help set that up.

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How does the backfill work?

Delighted will send up to 1000 surveys to customers who have ordered within the past 6 months. If there happen to be multiple fulfillments for the same person, we will survey based on their most recent fulfillment date.

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