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Friendbuy integration overview

Delighted's Friendbuy integration automatically generates and embeds a personal referral link, tied to a specific referral widget, in the Thank you page for your satisfied respondents.

With this integration, you can leverage the momentum of your most positive and enthusiastic customer base by making it seamless for them to take that extra step in providing a referral.

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Setting up the Friendbuy integration

Go to Friendbuy and sign into your account
Navigate to Settings → Configurations → API Access settings
Copy your "Access key" → and you’ll need the "Secret key" as well
In your Delighted account, select "Integrations" → "Friendbuy"
Paste your "Your Friendbuy Access key" where prompted
Paste the "Your Friendbuy Secret key" where prompted
Click “Connect to Friendbuy”
Select one of your published Friendbuy widgets from the dropdown list.
Customize the message that will be displayed to promoters on the Thank you page before the referral link.
Click “Save & turn on.”

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Viewing the referral link on the Thank you page

You can check out how the referral link looks on your Thank you page by navigating to the Thank you page customization page as usual (Survey people > scroll down > choose “Customize your Thank you page”). We’ll display a sample of this referral link, but a personalized version is displayed to each promoter.

After clicking the link, your customers will be taken to your customized Friendbuy referral landing page.

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What changes about the Thank you page when the integration is enabled?

When your Friendbuy integration is enabled, you'll still be able to adjust the following for each score group:

  • Thank you message
  • Thank you link text
  • Thank you link URL

The preview within Delighted will only show any changes made for passives and detractors.

Since the promoter Thank you page is controlled by the Friendbuy integration, all promoter customization must occur within the Friendbuy integration page. Any changes made within the Delighted platform will only be applied in the event that Delighted cannot contact Friendbuy.

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Why is there a blank option in the widget drop-down?

This indicates that a widget that was available when the integration was last set-up is no longer accessible (likely removed in Friendbuy). This can be expected from time-to-time in your drop-down menu.

We keep the blank entry in the widget just to let you know a previously available referral widget is no longer live in your Friendbuy account. In these instances, simply select a new widget, and then click "Save & turn on". The blank entry will automatically be removed from the drop-down menu.

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Can I redirect customers to a Friendbuy referral page hosted on my site instead of sending them a pURL directly?


Rather than setting this up with our native Friendbuy integration, you’ll want to use the Thank you page customization to link relevant respondents to your site’s referral page. From there, you can control the process to grab that pURL!

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