Kiosk FAQs

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Below you’ll find a few questions we hear frequently about our Kiosk platform, and our best answers and resources.

How can I get the URL of the Delighted Kiosk survey?

Currently, the primary way to get the URL for your Delighted Kiosk survey would be to:

  • Head to your Kiosk settings page
  • Navigate to the section for Set up your kiosk
  • Under that section, click on Email this code and instructions to your device
  • In the email you receive, you'll have access to the URL for Delighted Kiosk

How long does the timer last before the survey is reset?

The survey will reset after 10 seconds of inactivity.

I have an existing Delighted Kiosk, how can I add more?

If you have any existing Delighted Kiosk survey, send our Concierge team a note and we'll map out options for including more kiosk surveys in your account.

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