How can I add properties to Delighted Kiosk?

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Comparative analysis with kiosk surveys is critical for surfacing key insights such as:

  • What location is performing best?
  • What teams are getting poor feedback and could use some additional training?
  • Are customers mentioning certain pain points at a particular location, more than at other locations (ex. wait time being referenced far more often at one store vs. all others)?
  • How is engagement looking between kiosk and email-based surveys? Should you consolidate to one or the other?

Layering in properties to your kiosk surveys will allow you to segment feedback from one kiosk survey to the next, while also understanding how kiosk survey results compare against other survey channels (ex. Email, Web, and SMS). In this section, we'll cover how to include properties with each of your kiosk surveys, as well as provide a quick resource for taking a deeper dive into properties at Delighted.

Adding Properties to Delighted Kiosk

Including a handful of properties for each kiosk will go a long way towards providing a solid data set you can easily segment for powerful insights. Ready to get started? Here are a few quick steps to get those properties added to each and every kiosk you roll-out:

  1. Head to your Platforms page
  2. Click on Adjust Settings under Kiosk
  3. On the following page, click the Settings link next to the kiosk you'd like to update
  4. On the kiosk setting's page, scroll down to the section for Add properties to your kiosk
  5. Click + Add a property
  6. Include any property and value you'd like associated with that kiosk (ex. location, event date, product line, marketing campaign title, etc.)
  7. Once you've added all the properties you'd like, be sure to click on Save to lock-in those updates

Having trouble selecting what properties to include?

Check out Segmenting Feedback guide for a range of best practices for understanding how to select and include properties that will be most meaningful to your business

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