Delighted Kiosk guide overview

In an evolving customer feedback landscape, with new channels for distributing surveys constantly emerging, Delighted Kiosk surveys have set the standard for true point-in-time feedback.

No more waiting for customers to search through their email inbox, or land on a web page where the surveys are embedded. Simply place Delighted Kiosk at the physical location you'd like to collect feedback, and watch the results come through in real-time!

Often set-up as an iPad or tablet mounted on a stand, Delighted Kiosk surveys provide a physical survey interface for customers to provide feedback. Designed to handle large crowds and consistent feedback, Delighted Kiosk runs in a loop by refreshing each time a response is completed, or the ode runs your survey in a loop—so each time someone finishes a survey, a new survey is ready for the next person to take.

With Delighted's Kiosk mode, you can transform your team's iPads, and other mobile touchscreen devices, into powerful survey platforms - collecting feedback in the moment from your customers.

Delighted Kiosk mode transforms iPads, and other mobile touchscreen devices, into powerful public survey platforms. In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Why use Delighted Kiosk?
  • Where to download Delighted Kiosk
  • Where to customize the appearance of kiosk surveys
  • How to add properties
  • Where to find the Delighted Kiosk code
  • Understanding what devices are supported
  • Technical set-up tips
  • Other frequently asked questions

Lets get started!

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