What devices support Delighted Kiosk?

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With both an iOS app and Link platform that can power Delighted Kiosk mode, your team can deploy brick-and-mortar surveys on a wide array of devices - not just limited to iPads! In this section, we'll cover Delighted's suggested configuration for rendering Kiosk surveys, as well as alternative configurations to cover all non-iOS setups.

Suggested Configuration (iOS)

For an optimal end-user experience, we recommend using Delighted's Kiosk app for iOS devices [LINK]. iPads are the most common devices, due to their larger display size, used to render the Delighted survey on location while in Kiosk mode. 

Other iOS devices will work (ex. iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, etc.), but it may be harder for end users to engage the survey. If opting for an iPhone device, be sure to test out the survey on location to make sure the end-user experience is seamless and doesn't result in inaccurate scores due to accidentally selected scores on smaller screens.

Additional Configurations (Android and Operating Systems/Devices)

While iOS devices are ideal for display Delighted's surveys in Kiosk mode, since you can leverage the native iOS Kiosk app, you can also use Android devices/tablets or a desktop computer at your desired location via our Link platform. 

When setting up a Kiosk, click Email this code and instructions to your device under the section for Set up your kiosk:

The instructions you're emailed will contain a link you can use:

Simply bookmark that link and open it on any device where you want Delighted Kiosk surveys rendered. All the same logic will apply to the link as it would to the iOS device (ex. auto-refresh rate). You can now display the survey on Android devices, various non-iOS tablets, and desktop computers!

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