Where can I download Delighted Kiosk?

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Ready to start surveying customers in-person using Delighted's Kiosk platform? In this section, we'll cover:

  1. Downloading the Delighted Kiosk app
  2. Troubleshooting tips for iOS app downloading issues

Downloading Delighted Kiosk's iOS App

In order to download Delighted Kiosk, you'll need access to an iOS device. While we'll dig into more of the technical details later in this guide, it's worth noting at this point that we highly recommend downloading the app on an iPad, as it will make implementing Delighted Kiosk much easier. 

Once you're ready with your iOS device, accessing the platform is just one click away: Download Delighted Kiosk for iOS from the App Store


If you're having any issues downloading Delighted Kiosk, here are some Apple-based resources that can help troubleshoot:

For any other issues with downloading the Delighted Kiosk app, be sure to contact Delighted's Customer Concierge team and we'll lend a hand!

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