How it works

Delighted's Friendbuy integration provides your team with a link that redirects promoters to a Friendbuy referral widget.

With Delighted's Friendbuy integration, you can leverage the momentum of your most positive and enthusiastic customer base by making it seamless for them to take that extra step in providing a referral. Additionally, with your ability to fine-tune the referral widget in Friendbuy, you can easily reward customers for referring friends, family, and others to your product or service. 

Best part about the integration? No extra development customization required for your survey template. The Friendbuy referral link is built right into the survey experience that both you and your customers have come to know and expect with Delighted, automatically placed within your Thank You Page.

Integrating Delighted and Friendbuy for the first time? Check out our Setting it up section below.

Interested in seeing the integration in action? Take a look at our FAQs for an overview of how the Friendbuy referral links look in Delighted, best practices

Setting it up

  1. Go to Friendbuy and sign in to your account.
  2. Visit Settings > Configurations > API Access settings
  3. Copy your Access Key and Secret Key here
  4. Click the button: "Connect to Friendbuy"

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What does the Friendbuy referral link look like on the Thank You page?

See the screenshot below for an example of how the referral link, and messaging, looks on the promoter Thank You page:

Can I customize what the Thank You page looks like for promoters?

Yes. You can customize the message shown to your promoters via the Friendbuy integration page:

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How do I select what Friendbuy referral widget is linked on the Thank You Page?

Once your Friendbuy integration is enabled, click on the drop-down menu under Select a Friendbuy widget, select the widget you'd like to redirect your promoters towards, and then click "Save & turn on."

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Why don't I see the customization preview for Passives and Detractors on the Thank You Page screen?

When your Friendbuy integration is enabled, you'll still be able to adjust the following for your Passive and Detractor Thank You pages:

  • Thank you message
  • Thank you link text
  • Thank you link URL

However, the preview (Desktop/Mobile) will only show the applied changes for Passives and Detractors. Since the Promoter Thank You page is controlled by the Friendbuy integration, all Promoter customization must occur within the Friendbuy integration page.

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Why is there a blank option in the widget drop-down?

When selecting a referral widget for your Friendbuy integration, you may see a blank entry similar to:

This indicates that a widget that was available when the integration was last set-up is no longer accessible (likely removed in Friendbuy). We keep the blank entry in the widget just to let you know a previously available referral widget is no longer live in your Friendbuy account. In these instances, simply select a new widget, and then click "Save & turn on". The blank entry will automatically be removed from the drop-down menu.

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How do I adjust what is shown on the Friendbuy referral page?

Any adjustment to the Friendbuy referral widget will be configured in your Friendbuy account directly under Referral & Sharing and then Widgets. Once you're toggled into the Widgets section of Friendbuy, you'll be able to configure all settings associated with your referral widget. Be sure to check out Friendbuy's Help Center for full details.

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How do I get back to the default Thank You Page settings?

Only a few steps needed! Simply head to your Friendbuy integration page, click on Turn off, and head back to your Thank You pages to customize as needed.

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