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Still have a few lingering questions after reviewing our guide? You’re in the right place! Our FAQs will cover some of the most common questions we receive from customers here at Delighted.

Can I sync my historical Delighted feedback to Salesforce?

Yes. You can send us a message at any time and we can sync over any feedback requested.

How do I send surveys based on actions in Salesforce?

Using either Salesforce workflows, Apex triggers, or an external platform like Zapier, you can trigger the submission of Delighted surveys based on specific actions in Salesforce.

For basic resources for getting up and running with SFDC triggering, send us a note and we’ll send over the details.

The integration stopped syncing feedback, what should I do?

Here are a few helpful steps to get your integration sync running around:

  • Consider the delay: We delay syncing the response by 10 minutes. However, we recommend giving the response 30 minutes or so to sync over, as there may be other concurrent activity in your SFDC instance that is slowing API activity.
  • Confirm the email address: Be sure that the email on the Contact record exactly matches the email listed on the Delighted response. If there isn’t an exact match, we won’t sync the response.
  • Confirm the Contact record: We only sync to the Contact records versus Person Accounts, etc.
  • Try a hard reset: If all the above looks correct and you’re still not seeing data sync across, try running a hard reset by: 1) Turning off the SFDC integration in Delighted, 2) Removing the integration from Delighted, 3) Removing the Delighted package from SFDC, and 4) Reinstalling the integration again via Delighted. Note, we’ll re-sync all historical feedback, so you can be sure no data will be lost with this process.
  • Contact Delighted’s customer concierge team: Still having issues with your sync? Feel free to reach out to our Customer Concierge team and we’ll get that sorted out quickly!

Does the integration reveal all-time feedback in SFDC?

Yes. Within each Contact record’s Related List, you’ll see each response provided by that individual:

You can also find all of your Delighted Responses under the “All Tabs” section for “Delighted Responses”:

How many API calls are made per response?

For each survey response, we’ll make ~6 HTTP requests to the Salesforce API.

My feedback isn’t syncing over to Delighted, what should I do?

  • Check fields haven’t been removed/modified
  • If they are open to doing that, it's probably best. The cleanest way to reinstall Salesforce is to deactivate and remove it from Delighted, then go over to Salesforce and uninstall the Delighted package there, then come back to Delighted and re-add the integration from Delighted.

You’re now all set with Delighted’s Salesforce integration! Have any other questions about our Salesforce integration? Send us a note and we’ll get right back to you!

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