Installing the integration package

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Integrating Delighted and Salesforce is a quick process, only taking a few minutes to wrap up the connection. In this section, we’ll cover each step that is required to install the Delighted package within your Salesforce instance.

On your main dashboard, click on Settings in the top right-hand corner

Once on the Settings page, click on “Integrations” located on the left-hand side of the page

When you land on the Integrations page, click on the block for Salesforce

You’ll then be redirected to the Salesforce integration page

Click “Connect & turn on”

Note: This step is easier if you’ve already logged into Salesforce. Otherwise, you’ll first be prompted to enter your login credentials.

On the following page, Click the button “Install” to complete installation of the integration

Note: We recommend installing for All Users. You can also click on “View Components” to see all the types of data we’ll be syncing over to Salesforce from Delighted.

Approve third-party access and wait for the install to complete

Note: The installation can take a few minutes, so feel free to keep the installation window open when you browse in other tabs/windows.

Your installation is complete!

Note: The SFDC integration will now be turned on via Delighted’s dashboard as well (Quick Link)

With the Delighted integration package installed, the next step is to edit your Contact layout to start showing that response detail within your SFDC instance.

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