Salesforce integration guide overview

Delighted's integration for Salesforce helps connect key customer feedback to your CRM. With a few simple set-up steps, the Salesforce integration can dramatically enhance visibility into customer feedback, evolving sentiment over time, and critical context that can help complete the customer picture in your Salesforce instance.

In most organizations, Salesforce acts a central hub to build customer profiles, manage sales pipelines, and analyze data covering the full duration of the customer lifecycle. With Delighted's Salesforce integration, feedback from the customer is synced to your SFDC instance.

The net benefit of this connection? Your team can now make more informed decisions at each point of the customer journey – whether attempting to identify churn potential or opportunities for up-selling to more vocal brand advocates.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Basics of the SFDC integration

  • Basics of the SFDC integrations
  • Benefits of leveraging Delighted’s SFDC integration
  • The technical details
  • Installing the integration
  • Testing the connection
  • Best practices
  • FAQs

Lets get started!

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