What are the Thank You pages?

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Thank You pages offer key benefits to both those responding, as well as those reviewing the feedback. For respondents, the Thank You page offers a sense of appreciation for their feedback, as well as a confirmation that the feedback was successfully received.

On your side, the Thank You pages provide an opportunity to direct a respondent’s experience after they’ve provided feedback. For some folks, this means redirecting to a promotional page. In other situations, you might provide a referral link.

Where they exist in the survey flow

Delighted’s surveys contain 3 core stages:

  1. The scoring step
  2. Open-form comment page
  3. Thank You page
Here’s an example of how the Thank You pages fit into the survey flow:

How do most people use the Thank You pages?

We’ll dig into more example workflows in the following sections, but here are some key sites and emails we commonly find linked to Thank You pages:

  • Review pages
  • Referral links
  • New product line pages
  • VIP support emails

Where to find in your Settings

You can find the Thank You page customization under Settings → Customize thank you. Here’s a quick link you can use to hop right into that section.

Thank You page customization options

There are three main fields you can adjust within the Thank You page:

  • Message: Provide any message you’d like to display on this final page of the survey. This can be up to 300 characters
  • Link text: We won’t show the full URL or email your provide. Instead, we’ll hyperlink the text you provide in this field.
  • Link URL: This is the URL or email we’ll direct to when the above “Link text” is clicked.

You can set the same page for all respondents (“Same message for everyone”) for set-up unique pages for Promoters, Passives and Detractors (“Different messages based on score”).

Now that we’ve covered the basics, lets discuss how to leverage the positive momentum of your Promoters via the Thank You page.

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