Can I route negative responses to my support team?

Yes. By setting up Alerts you can automatically have all negative responses sent to your support team simply by entering your support email address. You can also set up Alerts so only responses with comments are sent.

If you'd like to be a bit more specific in terms of what triggers an alert, you can also create Trends based on keywords or properties. After creating the Trend, you can create an Alert to fire off each time a response comes through for that Trend. This is a great way to automatically notify specific managers when their team members receive a survey response, route feedback to specific retail locations, and much more. See our Trends guide for more details.

We also have integrations for a number of help desks, such as Zendesk and Help Scout. These integrations automatically create new tickets containing details from the Delighted response, included as private notes. You can respond with all the context you need, directly within your help desk.

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