Deleting or removing obsolete Trends, Alerts, Users & Projects

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Pruning obsolete instances of premium features

In this section we’ll show you how to delete old, sad, tired, and unused features that can plunge you over your plan limits unnecessarily. Quotas for custom features are tracked automatically by Delighted. Follow along as we show you how to prune some of the prime quota-busters, including Alerts, Projects, Trends, and users.

Quotas for premium features are tracked automatically by Delighted. These features can include:

  • Additional Questions
  • Alerts
  • Autopilot
  • Integrations (Premium)
  • Projects
  • Reminders
  • Reports
  • Testimonials
  • Trends
  • Users

Warnings will appear on the pages or menus where custom features with quotas are accessed. Tracking happens, to use a phrase, “where the action is.” If you are at your limit, you’ll get a warning, right then and there! 

Actually, it’s more than a warning. You'll run into a stop sign. At that point, you’ll can make any one of three possible decisions: 

  • Do a little weeding out. There are, very likely, obsolete Trends, Users, Projects, Reminders, Alerts, etc., that can be pruned. Deleting obsolete instances of a custom feature and add a new ones in their place is always a cost-effective play. 
  • Stand pat and keep things where they currently are. 
  • Decide to upgrade. (See Changing your plan in the next section.)

Examples of how stop signs work

If you attempt to add an 6th Project when your plan only allows 5, you’ll get a stop sign telling you to upgrade if you want to add more projects.

Try to sail past your Trends limit and you’ll see two warnings! In other words, Delighted will let you clearly know that you have hit a stop sign and you’ll need to either upgrade, keep your Trends the way they are, or prune a few unused trends.

Look at our list of Trends. Some have never hit with customers. Perhaps 4 or 5 of them can just be deleted.

Deleting from your quota of custom features is a snap. Generally, you’ll find the specific feature you want to delta, click its Gear icon and then choose Edit followed by Delete. 

Rather than show you how to delete every feature, we’ll use Trends, Alerts, Projects, and Users as examples. Each is slightly different, but if you learn how to delete these four, the others will follow along in a familiar way.

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To prune old trends and to make room for new, more effective Trends:

Click "Trends" from the main Delighted bar.
Click the name of the Trend you want to delete.
When the Trend specific page appears, click the "Gear" icon next to its name.
In the Edit trend window, click "Delete this trend."
If you are sure, click "OK" in the subsequent pop-up box.
You will be returned to the Trends page.

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Deleting annoying Alerts

To delete unused, ineffective, or annoying Alerts: 

Click "Integrations" followed by "Set Up" in the Alerts tile.
Click the "X" next to the Alert you wish to delete.
After the Alert you wish to delete disappears, click "Save Changes."

🎶 If you forget to click Save changes, and then exit to another tab, the alert will not be deleted. In a sense, Escaping out without saving is like hitting Cancel.

Keep getting an email when a response is received, but not seeing an Alert set up that would trigger it? You may be subscribed to a Trend. Head to the Trends page and click into your Trends, checking out the “Subscribe” button in the top right to see if you’ve signed up for Trend emails—and disable this if you’d like them to stop!

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Deleting redundant Users

To track and delete inoperative users:

Click "Users" from the Account menu.
Click "Remove" next to the user you wish to delete.
If you are sure, click "OK" in the subsequent pop-up box.

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Deleting projects that are past it

To delete old and tired projects: 

Open the Projects menu and click the "Gear" icon next to the project you wish to delete.
Choose "Delete this project" from the Edit Project window.
After reviewing some severe warnings about the perils of deleting an entire project, click "Delete this project" without a care in the world.

Deleting a project is fairly drastic. Everything related to a deleted survey project goes away. Luckily, Delighted will give you one last chance to Undo the damage if you delete a project unintentionally. (Thank you, Delighted.) If you dismiss this final “Undo” option, project deletion is permanent.

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