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G2 integration overview

Delighted’s G2 integration will automatically prompt G2 Review requests when customers complete your project's survey.

The G2 integration will also either (1) Automatically create a G2 account for a first time G2 user or (2) Automatically log an existing user into their account. In both cases, customers are automatically logged in and redirected to a company's G2 review page, so there's no need to navigate around G2 to try and find the right place to leave a review.

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Setting up the G2 integration

Sign in to your my.G2 account
Select Integrations > Integrations Hub on the left-hand navigation bar
Search for and select the “Delighted” tile
Scroll to the bottom of the Delighted page and toggle the slider to “Active” to generate your API credentials
Copy and paste the G2 API token, Partner Name, and G2 Product Slug
Head to the Delighted + G2 integration page by clicking "Integrations" followed by the "G2" tile
Paste your G2 API token, Partner Name, and G2 Product Slug from Step 5

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What can be configured on the Thank You Page

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I am not the Delighted account admin, but I want to set up the integration. What should I do?

Please send your organization’s Delighted account admin the information we’ve sent you. 

If you’re not sure who at your company is the designated admin for your account, reach out to the Customer Concierge Team at hello@delighted.com and we’ll locate the right person to get your G2 integration set up.

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What distribution method will be compatible with this integration?

The G2 integration will work with any survey distribution method you are using: email, web, iOS SDK, kiosk, and link URL. 

You may also prompt a G2 review ask after any type of customer survey, including NPS, CSAT, 5-star, CES, Smileys, Thumbs, and PMF.

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I want to activate this integration for only some of my projects. Is that possible?

Yes! You'll set up the G2 integration on a per-project basis.

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I have multiple products on G2. How can I make sure I collect reviews for all of them?

If you are using Delighted to collect feedback on each product, then you will be able to collect G2 reviews for them as well. You will just be required to have your G2 API token (retrieved from my.G2 » Integrations Hub » Delighted) and product name ready to set this integration up for each product.

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Will I be able to segment who these review prompts go to?

In this integration, all respondents will receive a prompt to leave a G2 review following the survey completion “Thank you message.” You can customize one “Thank you message” that all survey respondents for that project will see, regardless of their rating. This message will override the messages configured in your thank you settings for all respondents while this G2 integration is active. In addition, an authenticated G2 link will appear below this message. 

Review volume is the best way to improve your ranking on the G2 Grid Report. It’s better to collect any and all reviews rather than only segmenting for a smaller pool of prospective reviewers. Review volume tends to be a bigger needle mover than cherry picking recipients to ensure a positive response. Plus, that gives you the opportunity to close the feedback loop by responding to negative reviews, showcasing your authenticity and customer service.

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Can I incentivize these reviews?

Reviews collected through the G2 + Delighted integration cannot be incentivized via G2 campaigns. G2 wants to collect well-rounded reviews in order to build buyer trust and continue being the #1 place buyers go to for software. Also, the shortened review form used in this integration removes friction for survey respondents, therefore eliminating the need to compensate for a time commitment for leaving the review.

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What do I need to know about the compliance of sharing my data from Delighted with G2?

Security and data compliance is top priority, and this integration is GDPR compliant. G2 does not store email addresses for communication purposes, and the reviewer has to explicitly opt into G2’s Terms of Use before submitting a review through the integration. Further, G2 customers have signed MSAs and DPAs with their subscription activations, which covers data passed in the integration.

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