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Setting up the Blueshift integration

Delighted’s Blueshift integration will automatically trigger surveys based on actions in Blueshift.

To set-up this integration, you will have to both add an adapter for the Delighted app and create a Delighted cloud app template. Both of those steps are outlined in sequence below:

To add an adapter for the Delighted app:

Sign in to the Blueshift app, and click Apps in the left navigation menu
Go to "All Apps," and then, search for and select "Delighted." ( Note: You can also go to "Surveys Apps" and select "Delighted")
Click "Configure" to view all the configured adapters
Click "+ADAPTER" to add an adapter
Add a Name for the adapter. If you have multiple adapters, the adapter name helps you to identify the integration
Locate your Delighted API Key for your CX survey template. You can find that here → or click Integrations → scroll down and click on Blueshift → then copy the key from the instructions page

Add information for any Additional Headers
Click "Save" to add the adapter

Create a Delighted cloud app template

Go to "Creatives" > "Cloud App"
Click "+TEMPLATES" on the Cloud App Templates page
Select the "Delighted app"
Configure the template including the name, tags and other relevant information. For more information, see below for full detail.
By default, the survey is sent by email. Hence it is recommended that you set the Unique Sent Identifier to email under Show Advanced Settings.
Open the Content tab, and select Schema. At minimum, create a field named "channel" and another field named "email' — set the Data Type value to "String" for both.
Once the fields have been created, click on the grey, circular button top right of the Shema box labeled "{ }"  and specify the content in JSON format. The JSON format should be edited to look like this:


  "channel ": "email",

  "email": "{{}}"


For Step 4 above, please refer to the following fields and recommended values to add:

Once the cloud app template has been created, Save your changes and run a "Test Send" — a survey will send to the email address specified on the test page. As a final step, add the Delighted template that you created as a trigger in a new or existing Journey within a BlueShift campaign.

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What the set-up looks like inside of Blueshift.

Setting up the Adapter

Setting up the Cloud App Template

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