The MaestroQA Integration

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MaestroQA integration overview

Delighted’s MaestroQA integration will automatically pull Delighted CSAT data into MaestroQA for coaching and general analysis.

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Setting up the MaestroQA integration

Copy your Delighted API key from the MaestroQA integration page.
Sign into MaestroQA.
Go to "Settings" > "Integrations."
Click the "Delighted" tab.
Follow the MaestroQA prompts to enable the integration - including pasting of the API key.

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Who has access to this feature in MaestroQA?

Once a MaestroQA Admin with a Delighted account integrates, all MaestroQA users will have access to the CSAT data that's pulled in from Delighted for the Agents they have access to.

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What does Delighted CSAT data look like inside of MaestroQA?

Once response data is received in Delighted, you can use MaestroQA's QA and CSAT Feedback section to visualize your response data at scale:

You can also visualize and flag DelightedCSAT within Coaching Experience workflows:

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