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How the SupporTrends integration works

Delighted’s SupporTrend integration automatically syncs feedback from Delighted to SupporTrends, enabling robust analytical solutions such as natural linguistic exploration, quantitative fields/KPI correlations, sentiment influence over key metrics, and much more.

For a full overview of how the Delighted + SupporTrends integration can power your feedback and sentiment analysis, please check out their integration page here for a full walkthrough.

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Setting up the SupporTrends integration

Head to the Integration tab and choose SupporTrends.
Copy the displayed Delighted API key to your clipboard.
Log into SupporTrends. If you do not have a SupporTrends account, sign up here (don't forget about the special Delighted + SupporTrends pricing mentioned in the FAQs below).
On the left side navigation bar, click on Data Sources, and then click on Integrations.
Scroll down to the Delighted section and ensure that the toggle is set to On.
Click on Connection Settings and paste your Delighted API key.
Provide a name for the setting, which is usually the Template name. Note: You can add an API key for each Template.
Click "Save."
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How much does SupporTrends cost?

SupporTrends and Delighted have partnered together to deliver powerful insights for surveys, all at an incredibly discounted rate. For only $99/month, you can access a SupporTrends account that supports:

  • Up to 1,000 responses per month with fully automated Delighted integration
  • NPS, CSAT, 5 Star Ratings, CES, PMF, Thumbs, and Smiley dashboards included
  • Automatic survey response processing

To sign up for this special pricing, please see our SupporTrends + Delighted pricing page.

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