The Planhat Integration

Delighted’s bidirectional Planhat integration allows you to both send Delighted surveys to selected contacts from Planhat, as well as sync your NPS results back to Planhat for analysis.

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Setting up the Planhat integration

  1. Log in to your Delighted account
  2. Click Integrations > API
  3. Copy the API key to your clipboard
  4. Log into Planhat
  5. Go to Settings → Integrations → Delighted → and activate the integration using the switch
  6. Paste in your Delighted API key when prompted
  7. Save the updates [Optional: Click the button to sync historical Delighted NPS scores]

The connection has been established!

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FAQs: Planhat

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Where can I learn more?

Have any questions about your Planhat account, or where to set-up the configurations method above? Contact the Planhat team here with any questions!

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