Hands-On Activity: Creating Projects

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It’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice! Follow the instructions below to complete the hands-on activity, and feel free to have some fun with it. I made my survey project to gather feedback from my family on what we’re having for dinner—turns out ordering pizza is a hit!

  1. Create a Delighted trial account by heading to delighted.com/signup (or create a new project in your account).
  2. Choose a survey type for this test survey. Maybe try a survey type you haven’t used before!
  3. Set up the Email platform. Add a logo, customize the colors, and practice editing the default survey question.
  4. Paste in your own email address to send to.
  5. Click “Next: Review” and send out your survey!
  6. Check your email and fill out the survey.
  7. Head back to Delighted to see your response on the Dashboard!
  8. Optional: If you created this test project in your Delighted account, feel free to delete it once you’re done testing by heading to the Projects dropdown menu, clicking the gear icon to the right of your project, and choosing “Delete this project.”

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