The Teamwork Integration

Delighted’s Teamwork integration will sync Delighted response data to a customer record in Teamwork Desk. Once synced, response data will be visible within each ticket.

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Setting up the Teamwork integration

  1. Navigate to your Integrations' page
  2. Head to the API section
  3. Copy the API key
  4. In a separate page/tab, sign into Teamwork Desk
  5. In your Teamwork Desk account, click your profile icon and select Settings from the dropdown menu
  6. Go to the Integrations subsection of the site settings and click the Delighted option
  7. Click the green Install button in the top right of the Delighted area to enable the integration
  8. Hover over the API Key value field and click the edit pencil. You can then paste in your copied Delighted API key and click Save

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Viewing the Delighted response in Teamwork

Once Delighted responses are synced to Teamwork, they will appear as a Ticket Option on the right-hand side of the dashboard. Teamwork will display a response's:

  • Score
  • Comment
  • Email

Here’s a sample of a Delighted response in Teamwork:

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FAQs: Teamwork

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Can I view historical feedback for a customer in Teamwork?

Yes. If more than one response has been received for a customer in Teamwork, you can use the arrows in the Delighted Ticket Option field to toggle between responses:

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