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Airtable integration overview

Delighted’s Airtable integration will sync Delighted Templates response data to a new record in Airtable, automatically consolidating all feedback to a single view in your Airtable account.

The Airtable integration can also trigger Delighted Templates surveys (via set-up of a custom Zap) when new records are added.

Zapier-powered integration

This integration is powered by Zapier and requires an active Zapier account. Learn more about Zapier here and their plan options, including a free plan, via their pricing page.

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Setting up the Airtable integration

Head to the Integrations tab and choose Airtable.
Click on Instructions under Airtable.

Copy your API key.
You can either click the option in Step 2 of the instructions, to go to Zapier and set-up a custom Zap (required if triggering a survey)  or use one of the templates show under Step 3
Follow all on-screen instructions for setting up your Zap within Zapier.

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Viewing the response in Airtable

Templates data will vary in appearance in Airtable depending on:

  • The data that you opt to pull into Airtable.
  • Any reformatting that's done to the data within the Zap (ex. transforming with a Formatter step).
  • And countless other configuration options in Zapier.

Here’s a sample of a response in Airtable.

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I'm running into issues with my Zap, how do I debug?

As a starting point, we'd recommend contacting Zapier Support for assistance in debugging your Zap. They'll have more direct access to your Zap and API logs in order to support any questions about the Zap.

You can contact the Zapier Support team via their Get Help page.

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Are there other options, besides the defaults, for integrating Delighted + Airtable?


Beyond the template Zaps we show on the Delighted + Airtable integration page, there are countless other ways to sync responses and trigger surveys. For a full list of those various Triggers and Actions, check out the Delighted + Airtable Zapier page.

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Where can I learn more about how to create a Zap?

For more information on how to create a Zap, review the Create Zaps resource supported by Zapier.

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