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EnjoyHQ integration overview

Delighted's EnjoyHQ integration will allow you to automatically sync NPS scores and customer feedback alongside any other feedback you send to EnjoyHQ. You can then do customer research across all of your sources and highlight important pieces of feedback, tag feedback with keywords, and segment your research by detractors, passives, and promoters.

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Setting up the EnjoyHQ integration

Setting up the EnjoyHQ integration is super simple. You just need your EnjoyHQ credentials handy!

Head to the Integrations tab and choose "EnjoyHQ"
Copy your API key to your clipboard

Head to EnjoyHQ using the "Go to EnjoyHQ" button in the top right-hand corner of the integration modal
In Enjoy HQ, click "Account Area" > "Integrations" > "Delighted"
Paste your API key when prompted and click "Connect"

Note: Only responses that include open text (either from the default comment question or from an Additional Question) will be synced over to EnjoyHQ.

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Viewing synced data in EnjoyHQ

The EnjoyHQ integration imports the following:

  • Any written feedback left as part of the survey
  • A customer profile, if the customer's email is associated with the response
  • The sentiment associated with the response (aka the score group, promoter, passive, or detractor)
  • Responses to Additional Questions, mapped according to the following rules:
    • Multiple choice and multiple select questions will be mapped to content and document properties
    • Responses to "other" multiple choice options will only be imported as document content
    • Free response answers will be stored as document content

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How often does the data sync to EnjoyHQ?

Data syncs once a day.

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Will tags sync over to EnjoyHQ?

If you tag your responses in within 7 days of receiving the response, the data will sync over to EnjoyHQ. After 7 days, the data will no longer be updated in EnjoyHQ.

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